How to Use The Complex Number Calculator

Complex Number Calculator Online

Type in complex numbers, using i as the imaginary unit. The complex number calculator displays the result as you type. You can use * or × for multiplication of complex numbers and / or ÷ for division of complex numbers.

You can also input numbers in scientific or engineering notations, e.g., 1E6 or 1.2E-12, where the exponent is an integer. For any non-integer exponent such as decimal numbers, complex number or expressions, you must use parentheses, i.e., 2E(2.3) or 1.2E(1+2i).

Note: The function E() is defined as E(x) = 10^x. So E(2) is 100, which is the same as 1E2 (and not E2, which must be preceded by a literal real number).

The Online Complex Number Calculator displays the results in standard form a+bi and optionally converts the result of expressions containing to the following forms using Euler's formula:

where, r = √(a2 + b2), module of a + bi, and θ = arctan(b/a), argument of a + bi.

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