About gCalcD

At gCalcD.com we have focused on developing the best calculators for online use.

Our Online Graphing Calculator, is unique! Unlike other graphing calculators it doesn't just display graphs out of the blue. Instead, it is both a polar graph animator and parametric graph animator that lets you see how polar graphs of functions and Cartesian and polar graphs of parametric equations are constructed from start to end.

In addition, you can use it as an equation solver to find the roots of a function, which are the x-intercepts of the its graph.

It is also a derivative graphing calculator that lets you calculate derivatives of functions and parametric curves and graph them instantly.

Other unique feature of the gCalcD Graphing Calculator is that it allows rotation of axis. You can then see the graphs in non-orthogonal Cartesian coordinate systems.

Our Online Matrix Calculator is also unique! It is also a Complex Matrix Calculator, where the matrix elements can be complex numbers in any form — standard, polar and even expressions containing them! You can calculate matrices up to 100 × 100 and larger.

Furthermore, the gCalcD matrix calculator is also a Matrix Expression Calculator. You can enter and calculate matrix expressions containing up to eight matrices.

With our Online Derivative Calculator, which is also a Partial Derivative Calculator, you can calculate partial derivatives of multivariable functions in addition to ordinary derivatives of one variable functions.

Our Online Complex Number Calculator not only accepts complex numbers in any form but also displays the result of a calculation in all forms — standard, polar, exponential.

This complex number calculator is also a Scientific Calculator, it calculates any mathematical expression containing Real or complex numbers and optionally shows the steps to the results.