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  • This Online Matrix Calculator lets you use matrices with purely real or complex elements.
  • Press the relevant buttons provided at the top of the Matrix Calculator to calculate determinant, inverse, reduced row echelon form, upper / lower triangular forms, adjoint and transpose of a matrix.
  • Or, type in a matrix expression like inv(A-2B)*det(2iC-D)E and press Calculate.
  • Matrix entries in the shaded boxes are not taken into calculations.
  • To solve a system of linear equations first select Linear system, type in the column vector to form the augmented matrix and press Solve.
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To use this free Online Matrix Calculator you need to download Java from, it's free. Already have Java? Trouble-shooting

With this online matrix calculator you can evaluate arbitrary matrix expressions, such as 2iA+3inv(4BC) + det(DE)F. You can also work with a single matrix and press a relevant button provided to calculate determinant, inverse, reduced row echelon form, triangular forms, adjoint and transpose of the matrix. You can also solve systems of linear equations by typing the augmented matrix.

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Online Matrix Calculator/Linear System solver