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  • This Online Graphing Calculator automatically detects the type of expressions. To use this Graphing Calculator just type a Function, Equation, Parametric Curve or Point Set in any input box on the left of the Graphing Calculator and press Graph or tap Enter. Syntax
  • Polar Graphing Calculator: select Polar to graph using polar coordinate system.
  • Equation Solver: Press f(x) = 0 and the Graphing Calculator finds x-intercepts of the graph of the function by solving the equation. Solving equations
  • Curve Fitting: press P(x) or L(x) to calculate and graph the polynomial function of the least degree passing through the given set of points or the line that best fits the points according to the Gauss' least-squares criterion. Curve Fitting by Polynomials
  • Derivative Calculator: press f'(x) or p'(x) to calculate derivatives of functions or parametric equations. The Graphing Calculator also graphs the 1st and 2nd derivatives of them. Calculating derivatives.
  • Press ∫f and the Graphing Calculator finds proper definite integral, area and the arc length of a function. Calculating integrals
  • Press f(...) or p(...) to generate a table of values for functions or parametric equations.
  • Evaluate functions or parametric equations by entering values in the text box provided.
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sqrt(), abs(), log(), ln(), exp(), sin(), asin(), floor(), sinh(), asinh(), ...more predefined functions

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Online  Graphing Calculator

Use this Online Graphing Calculator to graph functions, equations in x and y, parametric equations and point sets also using polar coordinate system. Calculate x-intercepts without guesswork by using this online graphing calculator. Also calculate and graph the polynomial curve of the least degree through a set of points. Calculate and graph derivatives of functions and parametric curves. Calculate definite integral, area and arc length by using this online graphing calculator and generate table of values.

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