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Calculate as you type. If the result is a complex number, this online complex number calculator gives the result in all different forms: a+bi, r∠(θ), re(iθ) and cos(θ)+isin(θ), using degrees or radians.

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Online Complex Number Calculator
Online Complex Number Calculator

Use his online complex number calculator/scientific calculator to calciulatoe complex numbers in standard form a+bi or polar form r∠(θ) using degrees or radians. In addition to algebraic functions, calculate trig, hyperbolic and other non-algebraic functions with complex arguments.


Use this online complex number calculator to calculate expressions containing complex numbers. You can enter complex numbers in the standard form a + bi or in polar form (phasor) r∠(θ) and get the result in all different forms. All algebraic functions, trig, exponential, logarithmic, hyperbolic functions with real or complex arguments are supported.

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